Emerge Maine is excited to partner with the Maine Democratic Party to offer a Campaign Staff Training for Democratic Women in Maine!

"Emerge Maine has done a phenomenal job preparing candidates for the campaign trail and for the Legislature. As a father of two young girls, the mission of Emerge Maine isn't just political to me, it's personal. We are grateful to the organization for all it does to empower Maine women and improve our Democracy." - Speaker Mark Eves

"I support and encourage Emerge Maine in its important work. The training and inspiration that Emerge Maine provides for Democratic women to run for public office is a shining example of how individuals can empower themselves and make a difference in their communities" -Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

Emerge Maine is the most effective candidate recruitment and training program Maine has ever known. Emerge has recruited, trained and inspired over 170 Maine women. All donations go directly to recruiting and training the next crop of Democratic women leaders - women who will run for town councils, school boards, the state legislature and beyond! Support Emerge Maine with a contribution today!

We all know that it's time for 'politics as usual' to change. There are plenty of reasons to avoid running for public office, but it is up to YOU to lead the way and start taking real steps towards progress. Read more about why you should apply for Emerge today.

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